Two days in Hamburg / my self-hosted sightseeing tour / HafenCity University !

Hey lovelies <3
It’s been almost two weeks since I have visited
Hamburg !

Of course, I took lots n lots of photos to show you :) All the photos except the first one in the bus are made in one day or rather in 6 hours :D Guess I’ve been wandering around a lot in those 6 hours . . .
This is the omnibus I took from Cologne to Hamburg – 6 hours long . . . thank god there was free WIFI plus I was sitting right next to a power plug :D ! And I had a bunch of new anime on my iPad to watch haha <3
This is the main train station in Hamburg from street view . . . doesn’t appear as big as when you are inside . . .
. . . inside the train station appears gigantic . . . no pillars in the middle !
This is the German theatre play museum
I saw this red house in the city and noticed that the vietnamese restaurant in the bottom two levels looks really good . . . the restaurant was really crowded ! The other house caught my eye while I was passing by . . . not sure what is inside though :x
This is the town hall of Hamburg ! It really looks great and I love these turquoise roofs on old buildings . . .The big public square in front of it made it look even more intimidating ~ Though nothing compares to the Cathedral in Cologne or in Brussels !
The “Alsterarkaden” (oldest shopping arcade in Hamburg) with a reminiscence of the canals in Venice <3
Two spots I found – once again not knowing what they are ut they just popped into my eye . . . the first photo is a very fine and exclusive looking small shopping arcade .
The famous metro station at the “HafenCity Universität” – Hamburg new university .

But the view above is even greater . . .

SRSLY . This looks just like a rendering from an architect . . . I sent this to some of my friends and they actually asked me , who that architects is to make this great a rendering haha . . .

Just being in front of it made me all jelly . . . I would love to study here ! Not even knowing what is inside . . . but inside is even more . . . ! I didn’t want to take any photos inside , all the people / students there watched me XD !
I left the harbor city to find this : the Chile House .
But . . .  somehow I got to the harbor city again by walking around aimlessly .
This is the harbor city part with the overly expensive flats and offices . In the background the not-yet-ready Elbphilharmonie .
Lunch time !

People are asking when the Elbphilharmonie is finalized . Every day it costs the city thousands of € . They say that the money estimated to be needed for the whole process has been exceeded a long time ago . . . !
My opinion on this “master piece” : not worth the money . It may look great ( I don’t think so ) and it may look extraordinary in the context there , but taking so much time is surely not what the people in Hamburg want .
Approaching the St. Michaelis church .
The St. Michaelis church is a baroque church that has been renewed inside .

Somehow I just can’t help but love baroque churches . . . so much detail and so much effort put inside them . . .  I am not christian , but churches are interesting buildings to me ~

Especially gothic and baroque style !So  that’s it ! I will surely visit Hamburg again ! I think it’s a really really beautiful city . . .  I am even thinking of doing my master there . . . just a thought – after all there is still a lot of time left :)

Hope you liked my sightseeing post ~

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

self made sushi level up / fine dining

Hey foodlovers !
If you have always loved sushi plus you’ve been keen to make you own sushi – and maybe tried a few times already ? – I want to show you in this very short food post how easy it is to make sushi you will just love because
1 – it looks like a master piece
2 – it’s so much fun making it
3 – you can be creative <3
4 – it’s made with so much effort and love !
I’m not saying or even claiming that I am a sushi chef or anything similar – no such thing at all on that professional level . Nevertheless it is not that hard to make a sushi that you yourself will enjoy to you fullest I think :)I have tried making sushi myself for several times now and someday it seemed to me , that it always looked and tasted . . . the same .

Sure was yummy ( maybe because I’ve starved myself with yet another 2-3 hours preperation time ? ) but it just simply always looked the same haha ~
So for the first time I wanted my sushi look a lot better because you also eat with your eye , don’t you ?I prepared the fillings of the sushi rolls in the following – spent a little bit more money than I would usually in higher quality products haha . . . don’t expect anything too fancy from a nearly broke student !

This is smoked salmon maki with a rucola leaf upgrade ~
in the center : wrapped salmon tartar with spring onion and rucola nigiri
After posting this I have this urge to repeat this dinner very very soon !
Sorry for not posting anything for the last weeks . . . but I’ll make sure to change it starting now :)
Semester has started and once again I’ll start posting some more about my architecture studies , the projects , some more OOTDs ( even when it’s getting colder . . . ) and maybe some more reviews ? Let’s see ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

4-course vegan dinner ! / Step by step recipe Misotofu 3 / Matcha Sagopudding

Hey everyone ~
This time I’m going to blog about a
4-course vegan dinner for 4 people !
In my one-week vegan challenge I had lots of time and because I really reaaaally love cooking I even decided to cook for some of my friends :3 Once in a while we do this ” Perfect Dinner ” , where one cooks for the others .
It was so much fun thinking of what I could cook and which ingredients to use ~ 
The vegan challenge made me think really creatively because I didn’t want to spend a lot yet I wanted to cook something new to everyone :D
So let me present you my courses :
1st course – soup – Tomato Avocado Coconut Créme
As garnish I used fried sesame and fried tofu dices ( as croutons-alternative )
I also used the fried tofu dices for the next dish :
2nd course – classic salad with coconut-milk balsamico sauce 
Next is :
3rd course – maincourse – Misotofu with rice and pak choi
It may look very plain , but the taste of the Misotofu shouldn’t be underestimated !
It’s very easy to make , so I thought I could share my recipe with you ~
What you need for 4 people :
2 fresh Korean tofu ( cut into 1,5-2cm slices )
2-3 tablespoons miso paste
1 tablespoon light soy sauce
1/3 teaspoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon Hoisin Sauce
2 spring onions ( cut into thin rings )
Here’s a short step-by-step of how to make the Misotofu :
1 – Make the Paste by mixing all the ingredients ( except the spring onions and the tofu ! )
2 – Spread half of the paste onto a plate about 3-5mm thick and put the tofu slices on top of it .
Then Spread the rest of the paste onto the tofu slices .
3 – Spread the spring onion rings over the tofu .
4 – Let the dish rest for minimum 1 hour and cover it with aluminium foil ( it doesn’t stick onto the tofu like plastic wrap would ) .
5 – Carefully fry the tofu in a pan with medium heat for about 7-9 minutes on each side .
The last course may look a bit weird to you , but rest assured – the green coloring comes from a vry healthy ingredient :
4th course – dessert – Matcha Sagopudding
For this dessert I simply cooked small sagopearls with soymilk and addes some matcha powder .
The very decent sweetness of the soymilk makes the Sagopudding very light and refreshing .
I paired the Sagopudding with a very sweet sauce ( coconut-milk + maple syrup ) .
I definitely have to make the Matcha Sagopudding again . . . it’s soooo yummy and doesn’t contain much calories plus I loooovey Matcha ( very healthy stuff ~ ) !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Vegan week challenge ~ / Vegan Tofu Curry recipe step by step / easy, cheap yet healthy dining !

Hey lovelies ~
Some people can’t believe I actually did this to myself haha . . .
a one-week vegan challenge !
After those days of only eating vegan stuff I can say two things :
1. It’s cheaper than I thought it would be !
2. It’s so hard to be creative with vegan food…
Yes, I actually tried to cook many different dishes and I have discovered some dishes, that I would prefer rather than having the same dish non-vegan-style haha ~
Since I’m a huge fan of tofu I cooked with it most of the time – if in miso soup, stir fried or in the following curry dish ,  I think it’s a great substitute to meat !

I guess you only know how yummy vegan cooking can taste by trying out – something not far from normal dining maybe :

Let me show you how to prepare
~ Vegan Tofu Curry ~
with red rice
The ingredients for 5-6 people are :
2-3 onions ( sliced into stripes )
2 handfull of champignon ( about 150g , cut into quarters )
about 250 g potatoes cut into small cubics
half red + half yellow bell pepper ( cut into cubics )
about 200g carrots ( sliced into 4 mm slices )
princess beans ( I bought frozen ones , you can also choose fresh ones )
Red Curry Paste ( amount depends on how spicy you want it – I use about 2-3 tea spoons )
Tom Ka Paste ( I use about 1 tea spoon , others may prefer half tea spoon )
about 2-3 table spoons soy sauce ( I use light soy sauce )
about 150ml coconut milk ( my favorite brand : AROY-D )
fresh tofu ( I use Korean tofu , cut into cubics )
2-3 spring onions ( chopped )
oil ( I prefer olive oil )
salt & pepper
yellow hot curry powder ( add & taste )
How it is prepared – step by step with photos <3
1 – Put some olive oil into a big pot and set to high heat .

Add the onions .

2 – Once the onions have been fried for about 5 minutes add the potatoes and the carrots .
3 – Cover up the pot with a lid for about 5 minutes then stir and let it cook for another 5 minutes .
4 – Add the princess beans on top of the cooked ingredients and let it cook for another 5 minutes covered with lid .
5 – Make a sauce with the Red Curry Paste , the Tom Ka Paste ( you can skip the Tom Ka Paste ) , soy sauce and about 400ml water .

Add into the pot and gently stir the ingredients .

Cook for another 10 minutes on medium heat .

6 – Add the Coconut Milk , stir and let it cook on medium heat for another 8 minutes .
7 –  It should look like this now ! Stir again and progress to the next step ~
8 – Add the tofu cubes and make sure the curry sauce covers at least half of the cubes ! Cook for yet another 10 minutes on low heat .
9 – Last step : chop up the spring onions for garnish . . .
That’s it ! The curry is done ! I prepared it along with red rice ( 1 1/2 cup white rice + 1/2 cup red rice ) to have a great contrast on the plate which makes the dish look even more interesting :
Next time let me show you how Red Vegan Curry ( cheap + quick ) is done <3
Whaaa – I loooove cooking <3
Good thing I have plenty of time at the moment ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

My Birthday / Phantasialand + food = Jenny is happy !

Hey everyone !
I just got 22 recently and I must admit it was by far my best birthday !
Thanks to everyone who gratulated me and everyone who celebrated with me !
Due to my study schedules everything was veeeery spontaneous haha ~


First I celebrated with some very close friends into my birthday with a traditional Chinese Hotpot dinner and funny drinking games :
After partying up until 3 or 4 am we went home to have as much sleep as possible for the next day -


to visit Phantasialand !
This palace can be seen once you arrive at the Brühl train station – isn’t it lovely ?
I guess there is no need to say how happy I was when I went to Phantasialand . . . 
I love theme parks and every day spending in one is like a dream <3 


It’s so out of the world and you only need to think of where you want to queue and what to eat . . . I imagine being an employee there can’t be that stressful, can it ?


Haha , only after reviewing my photos I notice the man with his head in a baggage :D
This mascot from Phantasialand is my veeeery favorite one ! 


It’s the cutest + the most lovable + the one with the cutest movements ! 
I waited the entire show thinking that it wouldn’t appear and then it appeared right next to me haha <3 
There was even a small child who jumped up and wanted to hug him since this fatty dragon with his arms like in the photo looks like it’s asking for a big hug <3
In a following day I went to a luxurious Buffet with my family and guess what was my favorite dish ?
 Yummy Chocolate Fontaine 
 I got awesome birthday presents like a Disneyland Paris entry , a new purse from Coccinelle ( bordeaux red ! ) or a new pair of overly fashionable shoes – but what made my birthday the best so far wasn’t because of the presents but because of the people I got to spent it with !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~