My Birthday / Phantasialand + food = Jenny is happy !

Hey everyone !
I just got 22 recently and I must admit it was by far my best birthday !
Thanks to everyone who gratulated me and everyone who celebrated with me !
Due to my study schedules everything was veeeery spontaneous haha ~


First I celebrated with some very close friends into my birthday with a traditional Chinese Hotpot dinner and funny drinking games :
After partying up until 3 or 4 am we went home to have as much sleep as possible for the next day -


to visit Phantasialand !
This palace can be seen once you arrive at the Brühl train station – isn’t it lovely ?
I guess there is no need to say how happy I was when I went to Phantasialand . . . 
I love theme parks and every day spending in one is like a dream <3 


It’s so out of the world and you only need to think of where you want to queue and what to eat . . . I imagine being an employee there can’t be that stressful, can it ?


Haha , only after reviewing my photos I notice the man with his head in a baggage :D
This mascot from Phantasialand is my veeeery favorite one ! 


It’s the cutest + the most lovable + the one with the cutest movements ! 
I waited the entire show thinking that it wouldn’t appear and then it appeared right next to me haha <3 
There was even a small child who jumped up and wanted to hug him since this fatty dragon with his arms like in the photo looks like it’s asking for a big hug <3
In a following day I went to a luxurious Buffet with my family and guess what was my favorite dish ?
 Yummy Chocolate Fontaine 
 I got awesome birthday presents like a Disneyland Paris entry , a new purse from Coccinelle ( bordeaux red ! ) or a new pair of overly fashionable shoes – but what made my birthday the best so far wasn’t because of the presents but because of the people I got to spent it with !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

foodography / fav: Hot Choc Lava Cake ! / short blog post

Hi lovelies <3

I’ve been missing posting food posts but recently I have been eating lots n lots of yummy stuff !
I found a great app to take these photo -

I simply take normal photos with the iPhone camera app and if needed edit its colors .
Then I use this app to create these cute Polaroid-photo-like frames with extra texts :)
This Bulgogi was made all by myself ! I marinaded the beef half a day prior to eating it ~
This spaghetti with meatballs is made with fresh sausages :D Simply squeeze the meat out of the skin and mold it into small balls before throwing it into the pan ~
A new café opened near the university in Aachen and since I’ve been there to study I also stopped by this café and discovered their MATCHA ICED LATTE ! 
The last time I had such a great tasting Matcha Iced Latte was at Starbucks Café in Hong Kong two years ago . . . that’s why I bought some matcha powder the last time I was in Düsseldorf at a Japanese grocery store ! It was quite expensive for a small amount :x 30g for 12€ . . . I still have to test it !
It was my very first time eating a Chocolate Lava Cake but it was soooo yummy ! I know of Dominos having Hot Chocolate Lava Cakes so I guess I’ll be ordering from them next time <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Once upon a time . . . in a neobaroque garden / little red dress ~ / favorite color : bordeaux red

Hi lovelies <3
Do you also have a favorite color ?
And several clothes with this color ?
Haha – not sure how it happens but whenever I see something ( cloth or any other object ) in wine red or bordeaux red ( for a time also that so called oxblood red ) I just can’t take my eyes of it haha <3
These two OOTDs which I just recently wore include some of my favorite clothes in red ~
A-line dress from H&M
small shoulder bag from Gina Trikot
black laced up wedges from asos
The combination of dark colors with this dark red creates a nice elegant look ( yet with a touch of mystery – especially my OOTD with the black waterfall skirt ! ) 


red chiffon blouse from Primark

golden layered chain necklace from ROMWE

black clutch from Gina Trikot

black waterfall skirt from H&M

black laced up wedges from asos


Only about 3 weeks until the last exam of this semester . . . then I’ll be in the 5th semester . . . and only 1/2 year until I do my bachelor !

OMG – time really goes by fast ! That reminds me of when I started this blog about . . . two years ago ?! 

Have a nice and happy day <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

And in the meantime . . . / OOTD / twin tails ftw !

Hey lovelies <3
Today I wanted to try a different style with my hair and tried a twin tails for today’s OOTD .
I actually never wore pigtails but those two times when I had a shooting for the maidcafé I work for . . .
Though I like twin tails because my hair won’t become a mess when I’m outside and the wind is blowing like crazy plus it looks cuter than a simple pigtail !
blue retro shirt from ZARA
( I just happened to stumble upon this cute 6€ ( !!! ) short from ZARA and totally fell in love with it ~ )
short black pencil skirt from NEW YORKER
black and white shoes from PRIMARK
brown backpack from BURBERRY
( which you cannot see in its whole . . . :P )
Beats Monster Solo from DR. DRE
I love sporty looks and combined with a short skirt it’s not too tomboyish :3 
Me and my moonface / pancake face . . . My face only looks slimmer when my head is not directly facing the camera / front . . . 
How to loose that baby fat from my chubby face :( ?
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

guest blogpost by Rilakkuma ~ / kuku ~


This is a guest blogpost by Ore-sama !

Let’s start off with some of the things I discovered the last weeks and I needed to share with the world kuku ~ !

This here . . .

Is no simple snowball . It’s a coconut-flakes-and-chocolate-covered creamy marshmellow thingy which tastes like candy land . That is my dream land of course !

My friend Jenny bought this last time she was in Cologne at the English Store and it was actually on sale . . . she always buys sale stuff – the word SALE is like a magnet to her :P

That is how she also found there yummy Caramel flavor Microwave Popcorn :D They really smell like popcorn from the theaters ! And isn’t that Popcorn bag she bought back in Denmark cute ? Not as cute as me of course . . . kuku ~ I am after all Rilakkuma ! . . .

 And finally this holy tower of sushi with lots n lots of fresh salmon . . . awesomeness !

She actually dared to not share with me . . . only with her groupmates tsssss . . .


 OK – that’s it kuku :3

Until next time I find the macbook open on the bed !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~