And in the meantime . . . / OOTD / twin tails ftw !

Hey lovelies <3
Today I wanted to try a different style with my hair and tried a twin tails for today’s OOTD .
I actually never wore pigtails but those two times when I had a shooting for the maidcafé I work for . . .
Though I like twin tails because my hair won’t become a mess when I’m outside and the wind is blowing like crazy plus it looks cuter than a simple pigtail !
blue retro shirt from ZARA
( I just happened to stumble upon this cute 6€ ( !!! ) short from ZARA and totally fell in love with it ~ )
short black pencil skirt from NEW YORKER
black and white shoes from PRIMARK
brown backpack from BURBERRY
( which you cannot see in its whole . . . :P )
Beats Monster Solo from DR. DRE
I love sporty looks and combined with a short skirt it’s not too tomboyish :3 
Me and my moonface / pancake face . . . My face only looks slimmer when my head is not directly facing the camera / front . . . 
How to loose that baby fat from my chubby face :( ?
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

guest blogpost by Rilakkuma ~ / kuku ~


This is a guest blogpost by Ore-sama !

Let’s start off with some of the things I discovered the last weeks and I needed to share with the world kuku ~ !

This here . . .

Is no simple snowball . It’s a coconut-flakes-and-chocolate-covered creamy marshmellow thingy which tastes like candy land . That is my dream land of course !

My friend Jenny bought this last time she was in Cologne at the English Store and it was actually on sale . . . she always buys sale stuff – the word SALE is like a magnet to her :P

That is how she also found there yummy Caramel flavor Microwave Popcorn :D They really smell like popcorn from the theaters ! And isn’t that Popcorn bag she bought back in Denmark cute ? Not as cute as me of course . . . kuku ~ I am after all Rilakkuma ! . . .

 And finally this holy tower of sushi with lots n lots of fresh salmon . . . awesomeness !

She actually dared to not share with me . . . only with her groupmates tsssss . . .


 OK – that’s it kuku :3

Until next time I find the macbook open on the bed !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

OOTD / lumberjack shirt can be this chic ~

Hello everyone ~
It’s been a looong time since I last actually wore this lumberjack shirt and I bought it when I was in Hong Kong last . . . it’s quite a long time now sadly :( !
That was when I had really short hair and a more tomboyish style . . . but I loooove lumberjack shirts especially this red one so I had to find a way to fit it into my actual style and . . . 
This is how I combine few elements of my wardrobe to create a rock-chic look !
red lumberjack shirt from UNIQLO
golden necklace from Karstadt ( I forgot the actual brand name . . . )
high waist black shorts from ROMWE
black tights
favorite backpack from BURBERRY
Monster Solo from DR DRE
BTW – I wore this outfit with black wedge sneaker shoes from H&M ( the ultimately comfortable ones ~ ) and . . .
I notice that some red lipstick would have been even better for this outfit !
Hope you have a nice and 
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

IP – Integrated Project / Successfully absolved ! / B17 Cremonacrew !

Hey lovelies <3
Time to finally show you what I have been busy with the last half year and what was the cause for our immense sleep deprivation . . . but first let me introduce you the
honorable soldiers of the B17 Cremonacrew :

This is my group – the legendary, overly awesome Cremonas after the presentation of our work haha ~

Our task was to plan a whole building for any companies . Which means that we had to plan it to be very customizable for any usage of the halls .
The concept of our building was to clearly differentiate the three functions of the building into three partitions.
The first partition which is next to the street is the functional part, which inhabits the sanitary and technological rooms ( air conditioning, heating, electricity, etc. ) , the kitchen and the meeting rooms . This part is more introverted and thus its structure is solid building .
The 2nd part is the hall part, in which there can be up to 8 divisions of renters .
It is a lighter construction which opens up to the nature in front of it .
The 3rd part is the part in between the two other parts which we call the middlehall .
It broadness and height gives it a light and clean character which is why only a few elements like air conditioning or two bridges in the 2nd level interrupt its open space .
front rendering with street
inside rendering of the bridges and the hall


front rendering with wide green space
1:50 model


1:50 model


inside rendering of an exemplary view from a visitor


inside photo of 1:50 model


1:20 model of a facade cross section


Our overall presentation
It was a big success !
Though the grades have not been published yet ,  I thin that we all did our best and that no matter which grade we get – we should be proud of this !
Seeing the outcome is one of the best things in this study course ! It makes me forget all the sleepless nights and all hardship ~
Plus I totally love my groupmates ! It was a lot of fun to work with them !
I hope you also keep up with whatever you do ! No matter how hard it is – in the end all your effort is shown in the outcome :) Fighting everyone ! If I can do it , all of you can !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Daily Make Up routine / make up products I use most often ~

Hello lovelies <3
It’s been quite a while now since I last uploaded a post about make up :)
Some of you might have wondered which products I use for my daily make up and I must admit – I tend to be very lazy haha !
At times I only use BB Cream and eyeliner , sometimes only concealer and of course at the days I remain home I wear neither make up nor lenses .
Just like that girl from the manga “Switch!” . Haha – I looooooove that manga !
Since I never learned about doing professional make up I do things my style haha – please don’t be mean if you happen to think that the way I do my make up seems wrong to you . It’s simply how I teached myself to do it :)
So here’s my daily make up routine ~
Ok – let’s start of with the base .
As base I simply use my moisturizer only :D I’ve been using the
Oil of Olaz – schützende Tagescréme / Oil of Olay Classic Moisturizer
I have mixed type skin ( normal skin + oily skin on T-zone ) this moisturizer really helps me balance it :)
Plus it smells soooo nice <3
Next step is my
Studio Finish Concealer from MAC ( shade NW 20 )
I absolutely love this concealer ! After years of searching I finally found a concelaer who actually does its job ! It conceals any blemishes and most importantly covers up my hardcore panda-mode eyes !
I recommend this to anyone in search for a high coverage concealer :)
I don’t use it everyday as it is quite expensive ( 20 € ) . I only use it when I don’t want people to see my tired eyes haha ~ It lasts pretty long this way :)
Next is the Foundation or rather the BB Cream I use :)
Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 21 from MISSHA
I like this BB Cream because its consistency is so much lighter than the ones I used before . This way it is so much easier to apply !

I’ve been using the Dr Jart Silver Label BB Cream ever since I learned about BB Creams and it certainly does a great job in terms of coverage . But it is thicker than the Perfect Cover BB Cream from Missha and creates a more greyish finish . . . more like a doll :P Before I bought the one from Missha I used to mix the Dr Jart BB Cream with my moisturizer to have a more natural even tone on my skin :)
At times when I’m in a hurry I skip this step hehe :P
Next step is the
Studio Fix from Mac ( shade NW 18 )
I use the powder to fix the concealer and BB Cream in the previous steps :) Plus this powder also has a light coverage function so it creates a more even skin ~
So far the basic steps for all my make up routines – whether it’s for a night out or just for a brunch meet up :D
Me with the products described so far – I look like I just woke up and actually I really did just woke up less than an hour ago haha
So now to the next step :
I line my eyes with the
Real Lasting Eyeliner 1DAY Tatoo from K-Palette
Eyeliners are an absolute must in my daily make up routine if I go out ! They magically make my small chinese eyes appear a lot bigger ~
I have tried all kinds of eyeliner and I must say that I prefer pen liners like this one or the one I used before ( Dolly Wink Eyeliner ) because they don’t smudge at all and they last really long ! And the application is very easy too haha :3
Next step is some brown eyeshadow to line my bottom eyeline .
I use the brown tone from the “big beautiful eyes…” kit from BENEFIT 
You can clearly see which colours from the kit I actually use haha
Next is the blusher :
Puff de Cheek from Majolica Majorca ( shade PK 301 )
I love Majolica Majorca and I absolutely adore its blushes ! The colours are great ( I use the pink and the orange one ) and the little cheek puff thing is so cute ~
That’s my chocolate mirror on the right of this photo :P
The last step is the highlighter aka Step 2 from the
Dear Girls – Cute Eyes Maker from ETUDE HOUSE
I use the “Step 2″ by drawing one rash stroke beneath my eyes to highlight it .
Depending on what steps I leave out my daily make up routine takes 4 up to 15 minutes ~
At times when I’m in a hurry but still need to look well I do all my make up on the train haha XD I love it whenever people praise me for my ability to draw my eyeline with great precision though on the train even when the train is moving hehe . . . 

Now I’ve got a date with FOOOOOOOD :3


Hope you liked the post ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~