Daily Make Up routine / make up products I use most often ~

Hello lovelies <3
It’s been quite a while now since I last uploaded a post about make up :)
Some of you might have wondered which products I use for my daily make up and I must admit – I tend to be very lazy haha !
At times I only use BB Cream and eyeliner , sometimes only concealer and of course at the days I remain home I wear neither make up nor lenses .
Just like that girl from the manga “Switch!” . Haha – I looooooove that manga !
Since I never learned about doing professional make up I do things my style haha – please don’t be mean if you happen to think that the way I do my make up seems wrong to you . It’s simply how I teached myself to do it :)
So here’s my daily make up routine ~
Ok – let’s start of with the base .
As base I simply use my moisturizer only :D I’ve been using the
Oil of Olaz – schützende Tagescréme / Oil of Olay Classic Moisturizer
I have mixed type skin ( normal skin + oily skin on T-zone ) this moisturizer really helps me balance it :)
Plus it smells soooo nice <3
Next step is my
Studio Finish Concealer from MAC ( shade NW 20 )
I absolutely love this concealer ! After years of searching I finally found a concelaer who actually does its job ! It conceals any blemishes and most importantly covers up my hardcore panda-mode eyes !
I recommend this to anyone in search for a high coverage concealer :)
I don’t use it everyday as it is quite expensive ( 20 € ) . I only use it when I don’t want people to see my tired eyes haha ~ It lasts pretty long this way :)
Next is the Foundation or rather the BB Cream I use :)
Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 21 from MISSHA
I like this BB Cream because its consistency is so much lighter than the ones I used before . This way it is so much easier to apply !

I’ve been using the Dr Jart Silver Label BB Cream ever since I learned about BB Creams and it certainly does a great job in terms of coverage . But it is thicker than the Perfect Cover BB Cream from Missha and creates a more greyish finish . . . more like a doll :P Before I bought the one from Missha I used to mix the Dr Jart BB Cream with my moisturizer to have a more natural even tone on my skin :)
At times when I’m in a hurry I skip this step hehe :P
Next step is the
Studio Fix from Mac ( shade NW 18 )
I use the powder to fix the concealer and BB Cream in the previous steps :) Plus this powder also has a light coverage function so it creates a more even skin ~
So far the basic steps for all my make up routines – whether it’s for a night out or just for a brunch meet up :D
Me with the products described so far – I look like I just woke up and actually I really did just woke up less than an hour ago haha
So now to the next step :
I line my eyes with the
Real Lasting Eyeliner 1DAY Tatoo from K-Palette
Eyeliners are an absolute must in my daily make up routine if I go out ! They magically make my small chinese eyes appear a lot bigger ~
I have tried all kinds of eyeliner and I must say that I prefer pen liners like this one or the one I used before ( Dolly Wink Eyeliner ) because they don’t smudge at all and they last really long ! And the application is very easy too haha :3
Next step is some brown eyeshadow to line my bottom eyeline .
I use the brown tone from the “big beautiful eyes…” kit from BENEFIT 
You can clearly see which colours from the kit I actually use haha
Next is the blusher :
Puff de Cheek from Majolica Majorca ( shade PK 301 )
I love Majolica Majorca and I absolutely adore its blushes ! The colours are great ( I use the pink and the orange one ) and the little cheek puff thing is so cute ~
That’s my chocolate mirror on the right of this photo :P
The last step is the highlighter aka Step 2 from the
Dear Girls – Cute Eyes Maker from ETUDE HOUSE
I use the “Step 2″ by drawing one rash stroke beneath my eyes to highlight it .
Depending on what steps I leave out my daily make up routine takes 4 up to 15 minutes ~
At times when I’m in a hurry but still need to look well I do all my make up on the train haha XD I love it whenever people praise me for my ability to draw my eyeline with great precision though on the train even when the train is moving hehe . . . 

Now I’ve got a date with FOOOOOOOD :3


Hope you liked the post ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

recipe : peanut curry pasta / simply and cheap student cooking 1

Hey lovelies !
No time to sit down and blog about recent stuff but here I am posting this awesome recipe heheheee~
I thought I would give you a recipe of how I made these overly yummy
Peanut Curry Pasta !
Most of the food I make is very easy to make and uses cheap ingredients only , because I’m a poor architecture student after all :D Thus I want to call these recipe posts my
Simple and cheap student cooking
Buhaha . Sounds so nerdy . . .
What you need is :
- two onions
- one paprika
- about 200 g chicken (I simply took one chicken leg quarter – weird english name for that >_____<” )
- curry powder ( bought it cheaply from an asian grocery shop )
- one big carrot
- small package of coconut milk ( about 150 ml ? ) or whipped cream ( small package , 150ml )
- 1 or 2 spoons of peanut butter
- a little bit of salt and pepper
- 1 or 2 teaspoons of curry powder ( from asian grocery store , they have so many kinds , just pick any you get recommended :P Depending on what level of spicyness you can handle ! )
and any pasta you want with that !
The steps :
Cut the onions into slices , cut the paprika into stripes , cut the chicken into smaller bite-sized pieces , cut the carrots into slices about 1/2cm thick . . .
After cutting all of that it’s as simple as heating a pan on the stove with the highest level and add a little bit of oil .
Then add the onions . After that add the carrots and the chicken . After that add the paprika and some salt and pepper .
When the chicken seems about done add the coconut milk or whipped cream along with the peanut butter and the curry powder .
Let it stay on medium heat for about 2-3 minutes . If it gets too sticky add some more coconut milk / whipped cream .
Prepare any kind of pasta you like , I used Fussili :)
 And that’s it ! Done with the meal !
Easy isn’t it ?
And I loooove it ~
Making this took me about 20 minutes or less :)
Getting all chubby-faced again tehe <3
Okeeeeee –  hope u all have a nice day and that the football worldcup is getting to you, too ~ tehe . . . ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Japantag aka J-Day in Düsseldorf ! part 2 / how about photo ?

Hey lovelies <3
This is the 2nd post about this years J-Day in Düsseldorf !
SORRY for posting this 2 weeks late x.x
The day was great but the night was just as nice !
The Lucky Choclate Maidcafé got a job to work as special photowall girls for the Aftershow party of the J-Day . That is why I wore a maid dress in a disco :P
Angel from
was with us the entire time to take lots of lovely photos ! With 10 yrs experience , I wouldn’t expect anything less !
At daytime we walked around in the city and did some promotion for both DoKomi plus Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé and the asianparty at the Nachtresidenz :
All the beautiful ladies here are maids :3 Actually we are about 40 maids in total !

Selfie-stalking photo , but I like it :D

Not yummy but needed 8D

Right after the gigantic firework at the Rheinpromenade we went to the Nachtresidenz to take photos with guests :D It was really funny and
I got to see soooo many of my friends , which I haven’t seen for a long time !

Here are some of the photos asianplace took :

Our maid team for the evening !

One of the DJs of the night and the one in the red shirt behind him – the big boss Steve :D

Best friends for ever Henne !!!

Our dear KamiZero !

Some of the hosts also visited us :3
But – tss – they only want our candy !
Maid Risa and Maid Uyen visiting us with a friend :3

Maid Risa and Uyen – sooo cute those two sweethearts ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Japantag aka J-Day in Düsseldorf ! / Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé dancing : Happy Morning ! / sailor uniform OOTD

Hey lovelies <3
J-Day ( Japantag ) in Düsseldorf 
is over now and it was a great day !
The weather was lovely ( not too hot and not too windy ) , the people I spent my day made it an even better day and the aftershow party at the Nachtresidenz in Düsseldorf was awesome !
Once every year there is an event in Düsseldorf to celebrate the good connection the city has with Japan as it is the city with the most japanese people . Düsseldorf also has a street which is known as Little Japan – the Immermannstraße .
It’s already my 6th year visiting the J-Day 
Because I know that the stuff there is ALWAYS too expensive , I thought it would be nice to make something for the day : Teriyaki chicken Onigiri !
It’s easy as hell to make them , all I need is chicken , teriyaki sauce , rice and nori sheets or these handy onigiri sheets I got from a korean grocery store !
They look just like from the Onigiri stores in Düsseldorf . . . hehe <3
Sadly I wasn’t able to take any HQ photos as I didn’t bring my camera with me . . . I only took some selfies with friends . . . good thing there were lots n lots of people who took photos for me haha <3
I also got to meet Jürgen from
again !
As always with a camera in his hand and taking photos
Here are some of the photos he took of me <3
I got this sailor school uniform from amazon.com and it arrived via amazon prime in just one day ! Love their prime delivery <3 So handy !
Here are some of my selfies with some of my friends I met there :3
With Junmei – we know each other for 4 years now don’t we ??? Whaaa <3
With cutie Uyen <3
With Eileen <3 Her eyes always look so cute and gorgeous <3
Newbie Host Anthony . . . he is actually a Shadowhunter :O ? ? Rune of Angelic Power ! ! !
Newbie Maid Jinli – I gotta search for a fullbody photo of her ! Her outfit was extremely cute and sophisticated <3
With beauty queen Cinja – her eyes are sooooo lovely >_____< !
Somehow I never have photos with Sasa . . . who accompanied me the entire day . . . and if we take photos , it’s with his Iphone . . . tssss – gotta catch him at last !
The Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé also had a performance on the mainstage of the event ! I was in the first row right in the middle and took this video to share with you all <3
Sorry for the bad camera . . .

For lunch/dinner we visited the new japanese restaurant on the Immermannstr.
All the other restaurant were veeeery crowded and had long queues . . .
This was their trademark ramen yet I think it was nothing special . The noodles were good , the soup basic , anything else was also very basic . Nothing extraordinary like at Naniwa :D
We waited for the firework to start and about fifteen minutes later we walked to the next highlight of that day . . . ASIANPARTY AT THE NACHTRESIDENZ in Düsseldorf !

Gotta tell you more in the next blog post with full of photos from a friend , who also accompanied us during that day :D
Till then <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

food post April / in love with Naniwa and Seoul !

Hey lovelies <3
How about a little bit of foodporn ?
Here you are – taken last month , eaten last month – hehehehe <3
Some of the dishes are selfmade ! Can you guess which ones ?
This is Teriyaki Chicken Onigiri with Miso soup and Wakame salad .
Yummy Teriyaki Chicken . . . made by myself ! It is sooooo easy ! Simply cook the rice , mold a triangular onigiri filled with any filling ( here : chicken with  teriyaki sauce ) and wrap with seaweed ! Healthy and yummy and satisfying !
Oven baked vegetables with rosemary and olive oil . Healthy , simple and cheap !
Obviously I couldn’t have made this yummy Kimbab – eaten at the korean restaurant Seoul in Düsseldorf .
Sidedishes always comes along with any order <3 My favourite one is the sweet potato dish here !
I ordered my alltime favourite Dolsot Bibimbap !I still remember when I had my very first Dolsot Bibimbap at another korean restaurant in Düsseldorf, which has switched its owner . . . it was so much cheaper !
What I had as dessert ? Fried / baked bananas with vanilla icecream <3
A bowl of . . . yummy and freshly made . . .
CAKEPOPS ! First time trying to make these and I guess it was a success <3
Somehow I’ve been eating out alot this month . . . and the last . . . it’s all your fault Sascha haha <3
I don’t usually go to NANIWA to eat ramen but he took me there and I was overly happy with the ramen there ! We actually went there twice already haha XD
This was his order :) Tokusei Torimiso – ramen with chicken <3
This was mine – Curry Ramen with veggies and meat and egg and so much loveeee <3
 I was able to meet up with my best friend Judiiith again ! We met in a small yet charming café in Essen-Werden called “Sorelli’s” and discovered their newest creation : Raspberry Crumble !
Along with one scope of an icecream of choice it was really worth trying !
This is a bento I made in a hurry – rice with teriyaki fish and wakame salad .
Greek food – next time I’ll order more meat buahhaha
Now guess what this dish is ?
I made some jjajangmyeon ( korean style – it is originally a chinese dish ) and it is suuuuuuper easy to make !
Hope you got hungry from my foodographies !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~