Happy Easter wishes from Germany ! / food feast with family

Hey lovelies <3
I hope everyone is having lovely easter time, appreciating time with family / beloved ones eating chocolate in all kind of variations ~
I’m sorry for being too busy the last 2 weeks to post anything new . . . but I’ll make sure to make up for this soon enough :)
Le me hiding behind a giant rock – photoshooting in Düsseldorf :) Look for my previous post here <3
Somehow this month appears to be sooo full of appointments, events, birthdays, parties whatever . . . hehe . . .
I guess my family and me we don’t really celebrate easter :D But it’s the same with christmas : we still gather and have a nice feast and have a nice time together :) After all family is the most important thing to me in my life !
We had a nice brunch with too much stuff haha – I don’t usually eat breakfast and if I do , I don’t eat much . This brunch would have been enough to feed 10 people , I swear .




Of course there was a lot more bread and stuff :D . . .



Happy Easter days !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

One-day trip to Amsterdam / modern architecture in Netherlands capital

This post is actually old but I somehow completely forgot to post it :(
But I wanted to share it with you even though it is outdated :D
After all I was in
Amsterdam !
Yeaaaa , we went there to find inspiration for our B1 project , in which we need to draft seven housing units in Cologne right next to the river Rhein .I wasn’t that excited to go there , since I’ve already been to Amsterdam before with my family , but of course we would get to see a lot of other things .

Well , at least we did , since I was forced to wake up at 4 am in the morning . . . ehem . . .

Let me repeat myself -
4 AM in the morning , like . . . WTFH ????!?!?!?!
In order to take the bus at 5:30 am .
Next time I better not sleep at all or better : I excuse myself due to illness .
First stop :
Piräus .
architects : Hans Kollhoff ( Berlin ) and Christian Rapp ( Berlin / Amsterdam (
The giant complex with over 300 flats completely contain welfare housings .
I like how the corridors are so long and different from each other ~
One of the entrances :)
Kind of resembles archivolt gates from gothic cathedrals ?
Short stop at :
the Whale
architects : De Cia Architehten
next stop :
a break at a very lovely café / bar 
from which I didn’t take any photos . . . because I simply forgot to .
With Shiki ( my HATCH pet , app ) and Shiki with Nik :D
I sooooo love HATCH and Shiki , the app is so cute , Shiki is always hungry and whining for some fruit . . . it never annoys me though !
Next stops :
the courtyard houses in Borneo-Sporenburg
from various architects
for example :
architects : Neutelings & Riedjik ( Rotterdam )
next :
wating for slow people to meet up with them to continue walking
and wondering where to go next 
next stop :
nave and courtyard house ( Langhaus und Hofhaus )
architects : Diener & Diener ( Basel )
With about 127 flats and a position right next to the river this building is both giant and expensive .
We had the opportunity to go and take a look at one of the flats and most probably one of the finest ones in the whole building .
It’s owner is an interior designer .
I liked how minimalistic and clean the interior looked . . . but it seems a bit too lonely and cold ( not really cold as from hot & cold :P ) for me to want to live in there .
But the sight is quite nice :)
We also went to the new Amsterdam ( right opposite the historic center , at the other side of the river ) .
It’s said to be less interesting for real Amsterdam citizens , since it’s made of entirely new buildings .
Buildings from famous architects like Álvaro Siza .
I guess I really did get to see a new side of Amsterdam <3
Have you ever been to Amsterdam ?
I think that after this day I want to visit Amsterdam much more . . . it’s pretty close to where I live actually !
Just 2 hours ? With train maybe even 1 1/2 hours ?
Brussels is also very close to me ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Ultimative foodporn post !

Hey everyone <3
Now I know why I started taking photos of food .
Because food ( can ) look so yummy . Just looking at it makes my mouth water ~
Plus I can show off what I ate to others
torture myself a little bit by looking at these photos when dieting .
Now to share this torture with everyone – please take a look at all these yummy food :)
Took them in the last few months before my diet .
BTW – it’s only been my 5rth day .
I’m in bloody hell .
 Shawarma with fries and salad
and beef ground meat with special spices and garbanzos ( german “Kichererbsen” )
Cutlet with curry-pineapple-sauce and fries
Fried chickenbreast with fried noodles
 Pineapple cream soda 
Cream soda
Vietnamese fried spring rolls
 Vietnamese noodle salad 
( I forgot the name :P ) and overly awesome drink in the background
 Pancake with cherries 
 Dolsot Bibimbap ( korean ) and miso soup 
 Vietnamese spring rolls 
(super duper healthy ! Gotta eat it again soon ! )
Pizza Pesto-Spinaci
 Baked potato with sour cream and salad 
I can’t wait to eat that stuff again . . . like . . . reaaaaaaaally
Until then I gotta keep up with this stupid diet !
Fighting ! ! !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

make up review : KIKO lipsticks / the search continues . . .

 Hey lovelies !Time for the next review !
I’ve been so fond of KIKO lately - they have great cosmetics for great prices !
I really love some of their brushes which have nice quality for very low prices <3
Well – enough blabbering about how great KIKO is .
 I guess you should try it out yourself to make your own opinion :)
(Not all products are recommendable :P )
As I already told you in my previous lipstick reviews I’ve been searching for my perfect dark red lipstick .
Not found yet even after my shopping haul at KIKO , but it’s getting warmer !
Psssht – please don’t mind my nails . . .
Let me present you the two KIKO lipsticks I bought :
The design is quite special and it looks really expensive :P
Now the coverage test (one simple stroke only ) :
Looks fine :)
The 609 Cherry Red one appears redder / lighter .
The 522 Black Cherry has high coverage – dark colours I guess :D It also appears to have a more purplish tone here . . .
Now to the applied on lips test :
609 Cherry Red 
 ( 3 / 5 )
+ good coverage
+ nice price ( 5€ ) :D
- colour outcome is lighter than expected
- smudges a bit . . .
- said to be matte but is still quite shimmering . . .
- need for lipbalm to keep lips hydrated !
522 Black Cherry
 ( 4 / 5 )
+ high coverage
+ applied on lips ( where else :P ) it has a nice dark red-purple-black tone
+ price is nice too ( 5€ ) :DD
Well . . . No 522 is a bit too dark to wear it every day . . . still searching for the perfect one . . .
No 609 is to light – not dark red at all . But I don’t regret buying any of the two lipsticks , because their colour is nice after all :)
(note : photo above is me with minimal make up on haha – that’s my every day make up :) 
I hope you liked my review ! There may be some more coming soon :)
BTW – did you have any KIKO experiences yet ?
Whether negative or positive , please let me know in the comments below <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

What to do on a sunny sunday ? / Lucky Chocolate Spring Photoshoot !

Hey lovelies <3
Time for an update !
Last sunday I had another shooting with two girls of the Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé !
Finally the weather got much better and a lot of great photos were taken by . . .
Hochihochi <3 Aka Ahoachi . Aka my bf <3 .
He was so kind to endure our demands for 4 hours haha !
First time for him taking photos with a DSLR but he did great :
Maid Misa , me and Maid Luna under the cherrytrees ~
This one is one of my favourites he took !
We look so peaceful – well , the sun was shining so bright , it was so hard to keep our eyes open !
Borrowed Maid Luna’s cat-ear-headband <3 Suits her more though :P
But I like this photo because the colours here look really soft and natural :)
I don’t know what I was trying to do with my hand there haha . . .
My favourite solo pic <3
Thanks Hochiii for the photos <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~